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blog-img 13 April 2021

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Luxury Condominium in Singapore

Luxury condominiums have been springing up all around Singapore. Exclusive and unique, these coveted properties are a cosy home, a statement of wealth and a status symbol all in one. Often carrying some of the highest price tags amongst all…

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blog-img 9 April 2021

Why are Singapore Luxury Apartments Worth Their Cost?

Whether you are renting or buying a Singapore luxury apartment, you will undoubtedly find that luxury apartments command a much higher price than their ordinary counterparts. A high-end luxury penthouse can even cost as much as $50,000 per month for…

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blog-img 1 March 2021

High End Condominiums in Singapore

The real estate industry is constantly changing and growing, with new condominium developments constantly emerging around Singapore. Living in a condo represents an ‘urban living’ in Singapore in multiple ways. From boutiques to luxurious living, there are a myriad of…

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blog-img 22 February 2021

Luxury Condominiums in Singapore

Regardless of whether you are looking for a home upgrade or merely looking out for what is currently in the market, there is an array of condominiums in Singapore to choose from — ranging from cheap to expensive. Luxury condos,…

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blog-img 2 February 2021

How Much Work Goes Into A New Condo Launch?

Everyone wants to buy a high end condo in Singapore. They are best known for their stunning interiors, breathtaking views from the comfort of your home and the many amenities available on your doorstep. With so much available for residents,…

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blog-img 28 January 2021

Factors To Consider When Looking At Luxury Condos For Sale

Buying a luxury condominium in Singapore is a dream for many people and for good reason too. Living in a luxury condo will introduce you to a whole new lifestyle that few will ever experience. From the deluxe interior, services…

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