How Much Work Goes Into A New Condo Launch?

How Much Work Goes Into A New Condo Launch? 2 February 2021

Everyone wants to buy a high end condo in Singapore. They are best known for their stunning interiors, breathtaking views from the comfort of your home and the many amenities available on your doorstep. With so much available for residents, we have to ask the question, just how much work goes into a new condo launch? The average condo will take between 2 to 3 years to build, making them a huge investment for companies choosing to construct them. Given the truly deluxe results that individuals can experience, the time this takes comes as no surprise. Here’s the work that goes into a new condo launch to create a truly breathtaking place to live.

Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

More often than not, the foundation of a new condo launch will take longer than any other phase of the construction process. Given the tall nature of high end condos in Singapore, a solid foundation is required to ensure the building stays upright in any weather condition. Using innovative engineering techniques, construction companies will build a foundation that not only allows the building to remain stable during the worst weather conditions, but also one that is actually safer than many homes throughout the country.


Once the foundation of the condo has been created, it’s time to build the actual structure of the building itself. In Singapore, we see a wide range of modern structures that help high-end condos stand out from any others around the globe. These are planned in precise detail by structural engineers who ensure that every area of the structure is perfected down to the last mm. The construction team will then begin building the structure from the ground up, ensuring a solid foundation at every level.


Now for the fun part. After the foundation and structure have been completed, the interior of the building will start coming to life. For high end condos in Singapore, only the most skilled architects and interior designers are used to create a truly premium feeling at every level of the building. From the ground up, there isn’t a single area of any room that hasn’t been designed to perfection. Every aspect of the room has been considered from the natural lighting to the placement of each room, ensuring that the resident who will go on to purchase the condo will have the best possible experience.

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Within certain floors of a luxury condo, local facilities will also be created for residents. While the facilities themselves will differ from one condo to the next, you can usually expect a gym, swimming pool and at least one spa service. These services are usually only available to residents and their relatives who are staying over. This creates a further feeling of luxury, with each facility being exclusive to individuals who live in the condo itself.


It may come as a surprise that luxury condos in Singapore don’t sell themselves. With new condo launches occurring on a regular basis, condos are still in competition with one another to secure residents. In order to do this, they will conduct a comprehensive marketing campaign targeted at their desired residents. This campaign will differ based on the price of the condo, the desired residents and the location of the condo too. Condos within the city are more likely to target office workers who commute every day, whilst those further on the outskirts may not have such strict requirements.


So, the condo has been constructed and residents are starting to move in. The job is completed now, right? Not exactly. One feature of luxury living is that everything remains just that: a luxury. A luxury condo will undergo regular maintenance to ensure the facilities and rooms are in top condition. Most high end condos will have cleaners who will make sure everything looks remarkable throughout the year. These cleaners will ensure no dirt or dust can be found throughout the condo and in some places they may also clean the rooms of local residents as part of their service. The reality is, for the owner of an entire condo, the work will never stop.

With all of this in mind, it is no surprise that the price of a new condo launch is so high. There are a significant amount of costs involved for the individual or company constructing a condo and therefore these must be covered in order for the investment to become profitable. As luxury condos become more popular in Singapore, we may see changes to the way condos are advertised and built to help them stand out from the others available in the market. We may also see a divide within the category of high end condos, in which we see the arrival of an even more expensive option.

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