How to Choose a Singapore Luxury Apartment

How to Choose a Singapore Luxury Apartment 24 August 2020

So you’ve decided to upgrade from that small HDB flat. Or perhaps you hail from overseas and are looking to purchase a luxury apartment in Singapore. With the wide array of choices when it comes to living in the city-state, you may be wondering which luxury apartments are worth looking into. It can be a stressful experience purchasing your own luxury condo, especially if this is your first time looking at properties in Singapore.

Whatever your reason for getting into the luxury apartment market, here are a few factors you should consider when choosing your Singapore luxury apartment. What sets a luxury apartment apart from the rest and makes it worth every dollar?

Huge Wardrobes

Wardrobe space may be at a premium with smaller apartments, but not for a luxury apartment. Many of them even have built-in wardrobes all ready for you, instead of requiring you to move your own external wardrobe in. Have an impressive array of outfits? Get the wardrobe space to match it when you purchase a luxury apartment. Some luxury apartments even come complete with walk-in wardrobes, providing ample space for you to store all your belongings.

Smart Home Technology

Once a thing of science fiction, smart home technology is now more real than ever. Make full use of the Internet of Things when it is conveniently integrated in your home. Don’t worry about energy consumption, as the latest luxury apartments are specially engineered to use a minimal amount of electricity and power while providing a fully featured smart home.

With smart home integration, you can experience convenience at your fingertips – literally! Most lights are sensor-powered, turning off automatically when not in use to save money on your electricity bill. You can also control the smart lighting through an application on your mobile phone, allowing you to turn the lights on and off and even dim them to create a different ambience in each room.Under the bracket of smart home technology is also a top-of-the-market air conditioning system that is installed in every room of a luxury apartment. Amidst the sultry heat of the Singapore sun, you can enjoy a refreshing air-conditioned luxury home. There are additional smart heating features within each home should the need ever arise.

Furthermore, you will never again have to deal with the hassle of fishing your keys out every time you wish to enter your home, or even forgetting them and being locked out of the house. Smart home technology brings you the latest advancements in locking mechanisms. Depending on the luxury apartment you choose, unlocking your door could be as simple asscanning a fingerprint or even opening an app on your phone. In addition to being more convenient, it is also more secure than using a traditional key.


Location is a big factor when it comes to choosing a new home. Unfortunately, many of the apartments located in the heart of the city are cheap and economical. This may lead some new homeowners to compromise on the quality of their new apartments just for a more convenient location, or the other way around – going for a premium apartment too far away from major amenities and making the sacrifice to commute long distances. Can this really be considered luxury living?

For the best of both worlds, find an apartment that is both luxurious and has convenient city access via both personal and public transportation. Whether you regularly work in the city or are simply taking a day trip to the heart of town, you can enjoy a close proximity to urban living while relaxing in your luxury apartment.

Premium Interiors

While cheaper apartments may cut corners on their interiors, the luxury apartments in Singapore feature stunning and elegant designs by top interior designers. When you buy a luxury apartment, you can be sure that every inch of its design is handcrafted by award-winning designers and architects. Choose from a myriad of apartment types suitable for singles, couples, families or friends. Bask in a haven of high-quality flooring, double-glazed windows, beautifully sculpted bedrooms, modern styles and more – making your apartment both homey for relaxation, and impressive for the times when you need to welcome people over.

Long-term Investment Potential

Whether you are planning to purchase a luxury apartment for investment purposes or are simply concerned about depreciation, you will find your worries alleviated with a true modern luxury apartment. These newest launches, situated in the prime locations of Districts 9, 10 and Sentosa Cove, are highly sought after by investors all over the world as they are eligible for foreign ownership. They are currently going for cheap compared to similar luxury apartments in other major capital cities, but this price will likely not remain for long once the investors pick up on the opportunity.

If these sound like appealing features you would like to come home to every day, it’s time to snag a Singapore luxury apartment for yourself before they sell out quickly. Our team of specialists is happy to advise you on the choices of condos that best suit your needs.
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