New Condo Launch


New Launch Condos in Singapore

New Condo Launch

If you’re looking for a new condo in Singapore, we have exciting news for you. We have a new condo launch for those looking to buy their very own condo within Singapore. Our condo has been specially designed to meet the needs of every homeowner, no matter what their personal preferences are. Making use of various designs from top interior designers within the city, we have created a condo that meets all demands. With smaller rooms for professionals within the area, to larger condos for families, you can rest assured knowing that you’re living in one of the best condos within the city.

New Condo Launch

Easy City Access

Due to its location, our new condo will provide individuals with fast and easy access to the city via personal or public transportation. This means that you will be able to access the city with ease throughout your time living in one of our units. Whether you work within the heart of the city, or you like to visit the city at the weekends, your trips will be smooth and seamless for each journey that you make.

Smart Technology

Our new condo has been constructed with smart technology in mind. This smart technology has been designed to be as economical as possible, reducing any waste when it comes to electricity and power, whilst also ensuring that your gas and water bills are kept to a minimum too. This technology includes induction hobs, which only heat once a pan is on the appliance as well as smart lighting, which can be activated with a sensor and turns off automatically in order to reduce any electricity waste. We have also implemented both smart heating and lighting within the home, allowing you to tailor each of these to your personal preferences. This alternative smart lighting allows you to control the lights from a comprehensive app on your mobile device. You can turn the lights on or off, or dim them slightly to create a certain mood within each room.

In addition to these innovative features, we have also installed top of the market air conditioning to each room within our condo. This helps to ensure that you can keep cool and relaxed in the hot summer months. After all, nobody wants to feel hot and uncomfortable within their own home. Each of these features have been designed to improve your overall lifestyle, making daily life easier than it was before you had them. Once you’ve lived in our new condos, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this fantastic smart technology in your life.

Breathtaking Views

What condo would be complete without a range of amazing views for you to choose from? From our new condo build, you will have the option to choose from stunning city views that light up the night sky, to views of the greenery of the city that make you feel like you’re in the country, whilst having access to the convenient city life on your doorstep.

Outstanding Designs

Within each condo, you will find only the best designs in Singapore. Each of our designs has been specially chosen by one of our teams and implemented using the best craftsmanship in Singapore. By ensuring only the highest work, each individual room has been completed to nothing less than perfection. From high-quality flooring to detailed paintwork, every aspect of your rooms will be completed to the highest possible standard. These designs will ensure that your home feels as comfortable as possible, whilst also providing to be a popular place to host parties and impress your friends and family.

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