The Benefits Of A Luxury Condominium

The Benefits Of A Luxury Condominium 19 November 2020

Buying a luxury condominium in Singapore is one of the long-term goals for many Singaporeans. But what is it that makes a luxury condominium so much different from other apartments? While a moderately priced apartment will provide an individual with all of the comfort and necessities they require, a luxury condominium will go above and beyond to meet the every need of an individual living in one.

The interior itself is often both unique and completely exquisite. Often completed with a piece of modern art, furniture and furnishings, the overall aesthetic is truly in its own league. If this wasn’t enough, the appliances are always up to date, often making use of modern, smart technology to improve the efficiency of day to day life. The amenities themselves also provide additional benefits and are usually significantly more enjoyable than what you would expect in a traditional apartment. Here are the key features that help a luxury condominium in Singapore stand out from alternative living options.

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1. An Exquisite Kitchen

It is no secret that a fantastic kitchen can make or break a home. Unfortunately, in many modern priced apartments the kitchen is where it stays behind. The general appliances of a luxury condominium as a whole are usually as modern as possible, making use of stunning designs to bring out the aesthetic of the room. Luxuries such as granite countertops and new stainless steel kitchen appliances are simply a norm and really add to the feeling of luxury. Such areas are fantastic for hosting events as well as cleaning once the event is finished. Nearly all luxury condos will have a dishwasher, which will reduce the amount of time wasted cleaning the kitchen on a daily basis. A luxury kitchen is truly one of the greatest selling points of any luxury condominium in Singapore and is well worth the extra price bracket.

2. Greater Closet Space

Many of us have dream of a walk-in closet, yet so few of us have ever seen one. When living in a luxury condominium closet space will never be an issue. With most having their very own built-in closets in the master bedroom, finding that extra space to store your items is never a real problem. In fact, you’ll often have so much space that you could reinvent your wardrobe several times and still have room for more.

3. No Need For A Laundromat

Weekly trips to the laundromat can be a real pain. Not only are they extremely time consuming, but they’re just a hassle as a whole. In nearly all luxury condominiums, you will have access to a washer and a dryer to make your life as easy as possible. Not having to carry your clothes to another location for each week (as well as waiting around for them to wash and dry) provides you with countless extra hours to focus on other key areas of your life. This extra time can be used to complete a side project, enjoy a new hobby, or simply sit back and relax after a long day at work. On top of this, you also have full peace of mind that your clothes will be washed and dried properly without becoming damaged or ruined.

4. Your Own Pool And Fitness Center

Although this may differ from one facility to another, the majority of luxury condominiums will have a pool that can only be accessed by local residents. They will also usually combine this with a fitness center so that you get the very best out of your money. Whilst you will pay more to live in your very own luxury condominium, you will save costs that would otherwise go towards a monthly gym membership and a pool. In addition to this, exercise as a whole is much easier. Rather than having to wake up early to drive all the way to the gym, your facilities can be found right outside your door. This will save you hours of time that would have otherwise been spent commuting and will motivate you to keep in shape throughout the year.

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5. Fantastic Interior Details

When living in a luxury condominium, one thing that will never fail to shock you is the attention to detail in the design. This includes everything from new lighting fixtures, crown molding, vaulted ceilings, a modern, innovating bathroom and a fantastic, refreshing shower. The overall look and aesthetic is truly something to be bewildered by no matter how many times you choose to look at the details.

6. Secure Facilities

If you’re looking for a secure facility then a luxury condominium is the way to go. Most luxury condominiums will have their very own doorman, as well as a secure method of entry. This could be anything from a key fob to your own unique card. Such features make luxury condominiums significantly more secure than any alternative apartment in the market. All of this extra security is simply included in your overall price and works well for those who need that extra peace of mind.

While the features offered differ from one luxury condominium to another, these features are very common across the board. Not only do they allow luxury condominium owners to charge the price they do, but they also introduce local residents to a whole new style of living. One that is clearly worth the higher price bracket.

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