The Benefits Of Choosing Singapore Luxury Apartments

The Benefits Of Choosing Singapore Luxury Apartments 2 November 2020

Luxury apartments in Singapore are extremely popular, being known for their trendy interior, high-life living and gated communities that all can enjoy. But what exactly is it that has impacted the change in trend from a traditional home to a luxury apartment? And why is this trend particularly popular in Singapore? Here are some of the key reasons why individuals are choosing to live in Singapore luxury apartments over a traditional home.


If you’re looking for safety and security, condominiums are one of the safest home options you can choose from. All Singapore luxury apartments will come with surveillance cameras, a gated facility, and guards patrolling the area 24/7. If this isn’t enough, individuals are usually required to have their very own valid ID before they enter the premises. This guaranteed the highest level of security every day of the year, giving you peace of mind that you’re completely safe.

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Most modern Singapore luxury apartments for sale are strategically located in prime urbanized areas. While some older builds may not follow this trend, most modern designs are located very near the city or in the city itself. As a result, individuals can enjoy being closely located to their workplace, financial institutions, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, places of worship and much more. Rather than having to drive half an hour to pick up your children, you can simply walk for 5 minutes to pick them up. Everything is virtually on your doorstep.

Proximity To Transport

One of the greatest benefits of living in one of Singapore’s luxury apartments is the proximity to local transport systems. The majority of apartments are located only a minute away from MRT stations with major roads and bus stations nearby. This is extremely convenient and allows individuals to travel throughout Singapore without the hassle of waiting around for transport. Should you need to travel elsewhere, you can simply use your car rather than opting in for public transport.

Premium Facilities At An Affordable Price

One feature that is commonly forgotten about when it comes to luxury apartments, is the facilities that come with it. Rather than having to pay your normal rent, bills for the gym, swimming pools and saunas, all of this is available for you right on your doorstep. What’s even better, is that this is maintained for you throughout the year. Although you share these facilities, they are usually only accessible to residents who live inside the building. Simply enjoy them when you need to without having to pay for membership!

Stunning Views

Another unique feature of luxury apartments is the stunning view you can wake up to every day. In Singapore, there are opportunities for stunning views throughout the city. From the city skyline, the relaxing greenery of nature parks and the ambiance of nearby water bodies, you can enjoy everything from your apartment. You can simply wake up every day and enjoy the views without even having to leave your bed!

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Low Maintenance Fee

One problem that is often overlooked when it comes to traditional homes is the maintenance fees that come with them. You have to pay for someone to design your garden (both front and back), clean your windows and clean your roof. Before you know it, you’ve spent thousands on maintenance and the year has only just started. With a luxury apartment, all you have to clean is your apartment itself. In general, you will have less furniture and less space to clean, which will also keep the time you spend cleaning to a minimum.

Option To Develop A Passive Income

One of the greatest advantages of owning a luxury apartment in Singapore is that you can put it up for a rental program if you don’t want to sell. You can simply rent out your apartment for another individual, enjoying the benefits of a passive income as you do so. This is actually extremely popular throughout Singapore, who choose to capitalize on a rental program rather than waiting for the apartment value to increase itself. This allows you to get a significant return on your investment, which can potentially go towards buying a second apartment should you choose to.

Various Options To Choose From

A quick Google search of “Singapore luxury apartments for sale” will show you the wide variety of options you can choose from. There are hundreds of layouts, designs and decor options to choose from, allowing you to find an option that easily fulfills your needs and requirements. You can choose from everything from studio units, 1-4 bedrooms, loft and dual-key flats. With so many options to choose from, finding the right luxury apartment in Singapore has never been easier. Once you’ve found a few options that fit your criteria, you can begin proceeding forward once you’re ready.

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