What Is A Luxury Condominium? Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Luxury Condominium? Everything You Need To Know 29 April 2021

Whether you are buying a property for a residential purpose or you are buying a property just for the sake of investment, buying a property is never an easy task. There is a lot that needs to be done and considered before buying a property.

The same is the case when you buy a condominium.

So, whether you are planning to buy a newly launched condo in Singapore or you are looking for some luxury condos for sale, we, Luxury Home Singapore, are here to help you with that. We pledge to showcase all the high-end and luxurious properties in Singapore for you.

Here is everything you need to know before buying a high-end and luxurious property like a luxury condominium in Singapore.

What is a Luxury Condominium?

In the 80s or 90s, condominiums were referred to as glorified apartments. However, a condominium is a group of individual housing units. Sometimes, each unit (also known as a condo) is owned by an individual person, and sometimes a person buys the whole condominium and rents out each unit to a different individual. Luxury or not totally depends on the amenities, location, and other aspects, which are later discussed in the article.

What makes a condominium luxury?

The term luxury means great comfort and elegance, which are bought using a good amount of money. So, a condominium must have all the comforts and expensive amenities that one can think about in his life. Here are a few things that you must look for while buying a LUXURY CONDOMINIUM for yourself.

1. Where is it located?

Location plays a crucial role in determining whether the luxury condo for sale you saw on your back from work was really a luxury condo or not. According to property specialists, a luxury condominium should be in a reachable place. Public transport, main roads, pedestrian bridges, and bike-friendly ways should be around the property to make it accessible to residents and visitors.

Moreover, the surrounding areas of the property are also the key factor. While buying a luxury condo for sale, you should make sure that it is near all the public amenities such as schools, hospitals, public parks, shopping malls, gyms, and recreational centers.

2. What amenities are offered?

Elevators, 24 hours security service, a within-building gym, and play areas are standard amenities that you will get in all ordinary condos. But when you are buying a luxury, you should be offered luxurious amenities.

Now you must be thinking, what are luxury amenities? Here is a list of luxurious amenities and should be offered at least some, if not all.

• A state-of-the-art gym that is equipped with all the latest training equipment.

• A sports complex with badminton, tennis, basketball courts, and an indoor area for indoor games.

• A high-speed elevator that takes you straight to your condo and gives you complete privacy.

• A hotel-level concierge service should also be on the cards.

• Swimming pools

• Spa

• 100% backup power and water services.

• An elevator or passage that takes you directly to the mall.

• And lastly, there is no luxury condo without a stunning and spectacular view from the balcony.

3. Size

When you hear the word luxury condominium, the first things that come to mind are big living rooms, big bedrooms, and wide hallways. So the size is also an essential factor to consider when buying a luxury condo.

According to Singstar, on average, the size of an apartment in Singapore is 95 sqm which is relatively small for a luxurious residence. For a couple or a family of 3, we recommend a two-bedroom condo, and the size should be something in between 750 to 100 sq ft. but if you have a bigger family, let’s say a family of 4 w adults and two kids, you will need a bigger condo. In such a case, you need at least a four-bedroom condo to live a grand and luxurious life. And a four-bedroom condo would range between 1500 sq ft to 1800 sq ft.

4. Ease of Parking

Parking has become a nightmare in many urban areas, and finding a parking spot has become a luxury in some areas. So, always look for parking facilities while searching for the best luxury condo for you.

Make sure the facility is providing nearby parking space, if not in the building, and there are ample parking spots to cater to the needs of residents. Generally, parking spots depend upon the number of bedrooms in your condo. If you have a three-bedroom condo, you will likely have more parking slots allotted to you than your neighbors living in 2 bedroom condo.

5. Social Activities in the Vicinity

Many people prefer a community lifestyle, which is why they opt for buying condos for sale. So, if you are one of them, always look for what social activities and event the condo management are arranging. It may include sports activities like golfing, a football tournament for kids, or recreational activities, such as book clubs, cooking clubs, for both adults and minors.

6. The Appliances

Why buy a luxury condo that does not have a luxurious lifestyle?

The luxury condominium is incomplete without luxury appliances. One needs to have all the luxuries of life when living in a luxurious condo. So, make sure the luxury condos for sale advertisements you are looking at also offer luxury appliances with other amenities.

So, apart from the latest and quality stainless steel appliances, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, you should also look for classy and high-quality fixtures. Do not compromise on doorknobs, faucets, and showers, as these are the things that give your condo a completely luxurious and elegant look.

We hope our guide would help you in finding the best luxury condominium for you. Luxury Home Singapore is a platform to showcase a selection of Singapore’s finest luxury real estate and high-end million-dollar homes to the privileged few. Contact Us to find the best luxury condos and properties.

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