Why are Singapore Luxury Apartments Worth Their Cost?

Why are Singapore Luxury Apartments Worth Their Cost? 9 April 2021

Whether you are renting or buying a Singapore luxury apartment, you will undoubtedly find that luxury apartments command a much higher price than their ordinary counterparts. A high-end luxury penthouse can even cost as much as $50,000 per month for rental, which begs the question: what sets these luxury apartments apart from any other apartment in Singapore?

Perhaps the most defining feature of luxury apartments that comes to most people’s minds is their expert design and construction. Each luxury property is an iconic building that is one of a kind, with its own theme, aesthetics, architecture and temperament. Luxury apartments are expertly crafted to perfection, ensuring that the unit will not fall below the expectations of even the most discerning customer. When you purchase a luxury apartment, you can be assured that you are paying for the quality and exclusivity of such a property.

However, that’s not all there is to luxury apartments. What else can one expect when they browse Singapore luxury apartments for sale?

Smart Home Systems

Turn the lights on and off or even dim them with simple voice commands. Set your washing machine to run while you’re away at work, using an application on your phone. Open the door for your visitors right from the comfort of your bedroom, without ever getting up. Forgot your house keys? No problem – simply unlock the door using your fingerprint. Shopping for groceries will no longer become a chore when your smart fridge can automatically detect the items you’re running low on and order them for you. Experience home security at its zenith with smart safes, built-in closed-circuit television systems, automated burglar alarms and more.

All these features are just the tip of the iceberg with smart home technology. Smart homes are the future of urban living, bringing you the perfect blend of convenience and security. Instead of spending your valuable time on these menial tasks, smart homes take care of the housekeeping for you, affording you more free time to do the things you love.

The best thing is that these smart home systems are completely built into luxury apartments, saving you the hassle and costs of installing the technology yourself. From the moment you take over the keys to the luxury apartment, you can enjoy the comfort that smart home technology brings.

Scenic Landscapes and Cityscapes

Tired of the monotonous view of HDB flats right next to your block? It can be difficult to find a good view in Singapore with the close proximity of buildings to one another. In most apartments, residents are only greeted with the wall of the neighbouring block right outside their window. Fortunately, the developers of luxury apartments make it a point to select one of the few locations that still offer an excellent view from any room in the house. Enjoy an abode in Singapore’s exclusive luxury enclaves secluding you from the buzz of the city. Luxury apartments boast a picturesque view of their surroundings, be it a seaside view, the night-lit skyscrapers, serene greenery or whatever you’d love to gaze upon when unwinding on your balcony at the end of the day. Naturally, the apartments on higher floors will have the best views of all the units, thus they may be priced at higher rates – but it is definitely worth it to be treated to a breathtaking scene while the city sleeps below you.

Walk-in Wardrobes

Many are no stranger to the woes of having a small standalone wardrobe to fit all their clothes into. Add multiple house occupants into the equation, and one will undoubtedly find that their home gets cluttered after a while. External wardrobes also take up a considerable amount of space, limiting the width of your corridor or bedroom.

When it comes to luxury apartments, chances are you’ll be entitled to your very own walk-in wardrobe – one for each bedroom. No matter how extensive your storage is, you would be hard-pressed to run out of space in a luxury apartment’s wardrobe like one normally would with an external wardrobe. Walk-in wardrobes also fit seamlessly into the walls of your bedroom for a sleek and spacious look. That’s one less piece of furniture you’ll have to worry about when moving house!

A Host of Amenities

For the health-conscious, a luxury apartment may well be as good as a country club. Many luxury apartments feature spacious swimming pools, fully fledged gyms, tennis courts, squash courts, reflexology paths, jacuzzis and more. Instead of travelling out for your workout needs and having to book or register for sports facilities, you can simply head downstairs and use one of the many facilities available as part of your luxury apartment. Additionally, these facilities tend to be less crowded since they are exclusively for the property’s residents. Enjoy top-notch equipment all to yourself without ever having to step out of the walls of your home.

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